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Japan Travel Guide for tourist


==========A sightseeing guide app full of great coupons.Featuring all there is to see in Japan, from staple sightseeing spots to places known only to the locals!=========*Multilingual so that everybody can easily use it!
The app supports English, Chinese (Traditional and Simplified,) Korean,and Japanese, for everybody to be able to easily use it.
*Look up information for sightseeing in Japan based on what you want to do!
You can search for spots based on what you want to do,whether it is "shopping," "eating," or "hanging out," which makes it easier to gather information.
*Push notifications with the latest tourism info!
We provide push notifications with tourism info recommended for you.You'll get hot info at the right time.
*Wide variety of convenient features!
Wide variety of convenient features that you can use right away,including QR translator, favorites list, free search, and more.==========To customers who have been using the application before 5/1==========
Thank you for your continued use of J Guidest.
This application will change from the trial version to the commercial version (free application usage) on May 1, 2015.We ask customers who will continue to use this application to confirm the terms of service, and update the application to the commercial version.Furthermore, we ask customers who will not use the application after May 1, 2015, to uninstall the trial version application according to the terms of service.
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